How to Become an Ambassador

What is an Ambassador?

It is the membership portion of Beers and Business Cards! This is a great opportunity to be part of the buzz that surrounds these events. You become part of the team and on the front lines of this unique networking group.

1. Free entry into Beers and Business cards monthly mingles and an Ambassador can bring up to one guest for free.  There will be a table displaying who the Ambassadors are with places for flyers and a name tag so others can comfortably approach you.

2. Perks or discounts to the specialty events that BABC puts together. There are even events that BABC will co-host that will be offered up occasionally.

3. Free access to classes that teach you something new every month. These classes will be taught by other networkers and Ambassadors get first dibs on teaching the classes and utilizing the soft marketing angle. The Education session vault will house all of these videos and shared with other chapters.

4. Separate meetings for Ambassadors to build each other up as well as an online platform to network even more deeply with other Ambassadors. Among this, there is also support and accountability to one another.

5. Advertising and social media buzz! You get advertising on the website and interaction/shoutouts on Facebook. I try to boost your social media presence whenever possible.

4. Limited access to the contact database that has been developed over the last year including the future ones. This is a tool to be a connector and build relationships with other like-minded business folks.

This system is designed as a great way to get your business to the next level, moving forward and up. The top level is being able to go on vacation and shut your phone off! This design allows all levels of business to be successful and utilize the levels of opportunity that are designed. My personal goal is to keep Central Oregon’s local business thriving. When I say local I mean people who live here! So lets band together and make a difference where it counts.

What Does it Cost?

The big question is how much is it!? There are monthly payments and yearly options available.  It is a yearly contract and renewable at your anniversary date after a review of the last year by a few members. The cost is $300 a year, $420 for another person under the same business,  or for whole companies call for pricing, ask about payment options! Purchase here: 

Beers and Business Cards Brand Ambassador Membership Purchase


Other Benefits Include

  • Access to a roundtable style brainstorming group.
  • Access to a presentation room for free.
  • Evo gimbal access for videos.
  • Access to a person who does data entry, green screen and video/photo editing (for a great price)
  • Plus, more than I can even list because I can’t share all my secrets.

Many of you already have experienced the vibe and collaboration we all bring to the table and realize this is worth every penny. Now be a part of the action and influence this new companies future.

Would you like to be an Ambassador & have a say in the future of BABC? Fill out the info below & we will set up an interview to see if you qualify!