Ambassador Program Breakdown

Our programs are a great way to get your business to the next level, moving forward and up! Before we share the breakdown of the programs, here’s what success looks like to us:

  • Vacations without being glued to your phone
  • Stress-free
  • Money continues to flow into your bank account.

This plan allows all levels of businesses to be successful and utilize our different levels of opportunity. Our goal is to keep Central Oregon’s local business thriving while growing our community through organic reach via chapters. 


We have four levels to support you in various stages of your business.


Level 1 Social Equity: The Community

Free entry into:

  • Beers and Business Cards
  • Brews and Business Cards
  • Speed Networking (You may bring a guest once a quarter to any of these events.)

Cost: $180 (a $300 value that’s expanding)


Level 2 Sweat Equity: The Education – The part you didn’t know you needed.


This level of membership offers free access to our education vault. Learn from our group of Ambassadors and build your skills with new classes every month. 


Cost $8 per month. 


Level 3 Financial Equity The Ambassadors

This level is where the real magic happens – A trifecta of opportunity that offers Community, Education, and Accountability – Putting you in the forefront with brand awareness and access to the core of the community.


1. Table for displaying Ambassador information with room for two flyer types, tri-folds, and business cards.

2. Name tag so others can comfortably approach you and ask questions about your business and the ambassador program.

3. Ambassadors get first dibs on teaching the Education Vault classes and utilizing the soft marketing angle.

4. Separate meetings for Ambassadors to build each other up as well as an online platform to network even more deeply with other Ambassadors. (Accountability where it counts.)

5. Advertising and social media buzz! You get advertising on the website, newsletter, and interaction/shoutouts on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Meetup. We try to boost your social media presence whenever possible. 

  • Only 3 of each profession. (one brand per profession.)
  • Access to a round table-style brainstorming group.
  • Access to a presentation room (for free).
  • Access to an Evo gimbal, video stabilizer for a smartphone.
  • Access to a person who does data entry, green screen, and video/photo editing at a discounted rate.
  • Plus, more! 


Cost: $330 This level is an excellent opportunity to be part of the buzz that surrounds all events. Set yourself apart from your competition. You become part of the team and on the front lines of this unique networking group.


Level 4: Ambassador + Buds and Business Cards Membership 

This level is all-encompassing of all opportunities for networking offered within the BABC brand. 


Buds and Business Cards is a farm-friendly networking branch of BABC whose goal is to help Bees! These events are currently being formed. The enrollment period will start in January.


Cost: $420