=laThis is a unique networking group that allows you to meet other like-minded individuals and network with them, all while building your business sphere. This is all done while enjoying an open and relaxing space to talk about yourself as a professional and have a drink or two!
I, Kristy Starr, started this event on a whim when I first decided to be a Real Estate Agent in January 2017. I knew I had a bunch of friends in different industries and wanted to connect with them so I could build a strong business sphere to trust my customers with. The event was a hit! I think twenty-seven people showed up in May 2017 and it was the spark for the fire to come. The event has already raised the bar for networking in Central Oregon and spurred many other networking groups.
The events are known for the fire it sparks in you and the amount of weaving between businesses that happen within the community. Many of the up and coming people that you are all meeting made some important connections at these events and continue to only enrich the group. Everything from hired on at a new job to opening new businesses. Plus, everything else in between! There is a constant buzz around these events, especially the Monthly Mingles and Speed Networking events.
The mingles are in Bend, redmond and now the Willamette Valley. The Coffee Mingle, Brews and Business Cards, along with the education session can vary in their day because of holidays and availability for the presenters.
Beers and Business Cards was the first one of its kind in Central Oregon and will continue to thrive here as well as other cities and states. Beers and Business Cards will continue to make some changes in the world of small business, entrepreneur, independents contractors and similar careers. This will be done through helping build business bases and be established in the community. The goal of BABC is to help the local economy build and protect the working middle class.
Finally…… it brings me to the purpose of all of this which is to donate 10% of all of the net income will be going to fund local charities. As the company spreads so does our impact.