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BABC is networking on steroids. If you are new to the Bend or Redmond are and you are looking to meet new people, this is the most connected and empowered networking group in Central Oregon. Come out and join in on the fun and meet some new friends and better network your business to expand your business sphere.


We have a 4 tiered membership for repeat attendees so that they can get the value out of the group by learning skills to get you to the next level of your business and connecting you with more people faster. Click the membership tab to get more info and sign up at the bottom of the page to become a member of the BABC Community!


BABC offers an incredible selection of local businesses to connect with at all of the different events. Plus, the goal of this company is to go nationwide to better connect all of us with similar and collaborative mindsets. Just say yes and come and meet some wonderful people and feel the buzz that surrounds the events and attendees.


John Peters- Mobile Personal Training, LLC

When I first attended Beers and Business cards, I wasn’t expecting much.  However, I met some fantastic people, who referred me to more fantastic people, and before I knew it my business was growing, I was making great friends, and learning from awesome mentors.  It only takes one event to start a cascade of positive changes in your life and career.

Katy Ipock- Comedian, Ipockolyptic Productions

Beers and Business Cards changed my life! I’m sure that seems dramatic, but as a comedian and entertainer I suppose that’s my strength. Going to Beers and Business Cards has dramatically increased my name recognition, attendance to my shows, and my social media following. This group has provided amazing contacts for sponsorships! I’ve been able to meet my community of amazing business owners and be part of a thriving ecosystem of support. The classes help with aspects of my business I am weak at. Plus, you emulate who you are around, right? Who better to be around than this group of thriving entrepenuers! Kristy has showed me how to take my business to the next level, and helped me meet he right people to help make it happen! 

Susie Glennan- Send Out Cards

There are many different networking groups in Central Oregon. However, I have met more people and have gained more connections at Beers And Business Cards than any of the other groups I’ve attended. In fact, attending BABC has helped solidify connections made at other networking groups. I’ve made friends, used people’s services, and have new favorite customers from BABC! I plan around the monthly events so I can attend. I think what impresses me most is how Kristy Starr is welcoming to anyone and everyone who attends. Plus, she is so willing to help others in business. I highly recommend attending Beers And Business Cards, picking 5 – 8 new people to connect with and schedule a one to one at a later date.

The Wolf Advantage- Body Language Trainers

Starting a new business is an extremely daunting task.  Networking can be just as challenging and scary. It is difficult to know where to begin, what questions to ask, and who to ask them too. Kristy Star with Beers and Business cards helped to solve both of these struggles.  Beers and Business cards has created a very friendly, low pressure networking environment which allows attendees to feel comfortable approaching others to talk business.  Kristy does not hesitate to connect member to others that she feels will have mutual benefit and has the best interest of everyone in mind.
Kristy’s  kindness, creativity and dedication has helped us feel supported and valued as a business. Beers and Business cards has been paramount in us growing our skills and business practices and we highly recommend joining her group.